Experience live classes for a holistic wellness journey with our fascia-focused movement system.

Deepen your mind-body connection and enhance flexibility.

Focus On Your Specific Body Needs

Fascia Fitness

Tuesdays - Live Stream
(10AM MST)
Basic Body Kit

Fridays - Live Stream
(10AM MST)
No equipment

Join our medium to high-intensity live class blending fascia-focused exercises for effective weight loss and strength training. Transform your body and energy.

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Fascia Flow

Wednesdays - Interactive
(10AM MST)
No equipment

Thursdays - Live Stream
(10AM MST)
Wall System

Dive into our low-intensity live class designed for restoration and deep tissue work through fascia-focused exercises. Find balance and rejuvenate your body.

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The Practice

Saturdays - Live Stream
(10AM MST)
No equipment

Start your wellness journey with our beginner-friendly live class, offering low to medium intensity fascia-focused exercises for holistic conditioning.

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Types Of Classes

Live Stream

Follow along Anna's routine at your own pace.


Anna observes the routine and provides feedback about your movement on the go.


Enjoy up to 18 live sessions

Combine with private sessions for personalized care

Receive weekly recommendations for additional exercises in the Vital Life Studio platform

Free access to the Vital Life Studio when paying 3 months upfront