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Basic Body Kit

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If you want to jump in and get a whole bunch of GST gear for a great value, THIS IS IT.  The Basic Body Kit contains curated items from the Somatix, Continuum and Tensegrity Suspension Collections to provide you with a well-rounded selection of body care tools. 

The Roll-X is designed to change the configuration of dense and ossified fascia. This tool is beneficial for boundflow fascia types. It also helps with low back, hip and knee pain, shoulder, neck and headaches, and digestive complaints and insomnia. 

The 48“ GST Body Bar is a weighted bar is a tool for manual tissue and movement manipulation. The body bar can give you many of the benefits of The GST Traction Bar.

The Tensegrity Traction Straps (TTS) work like extensions of your body, much like poles and strings that provide the support for a camping tent. Used to perform GST Fascia Flow exercises, the TTS give you the opportunity to work your fascia anytime, anywhere.

The BBK Includes: 

  • 1 Tensegrity Traction Straps (TTS) with Canvas Clutch
  • 1 GST Body Bar 06 lbs
  • 1 GST Roll-X
  • 1 Canvas Drawstring Tote

Technical Specs:

  • Materials: wood, steel, non-toxic rubber, plastic, military grade nylon and seatbelt webbing, swivel clip, GST S-biner Clip 
  • Measurements: various