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Basic Body Kit

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We love our Basic Body Kit (BBK) for on-the-go body care! 

This body care kit has all the tools you need to:

  • Traction your body for length and strength
  • Get long while you get strong
  • Pull out back pain
  • Increase blood flow

The best part? You’ll get to feel the ridiculously delicious feeling of a body that is free from tension, but perfectly fit and toned.  

Your knees, low back, shoulders, head, neck - really all parts of your body - will thank you.  

In fact, you’ll start to crave this motion and workout like you never have before. 

The BBK is complete with our Tensegrity Traction Straps, 6 lb. Body Bar, Roll-X, canvas clutch and drawstring tote - everything you need to get started on your fascia conditioning journey!