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GST Roll-X

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Our best seller, the Roll-X is the Bentley of bodywork tools. It's more affordable than a massage and better at releasing your muscles.

Think about how you feel when your masseuse loosens your muscles. Increase that by 5 and that’s exactly how you’ll feel using our Roll-X!

Even being great at relaxing your muscles, the true aim of the Roll-X is to help you eliminate tension & pain once and for all…

Our Roll-X helps to:

  • Align your vertebrae 
  • Decompress discs and joints
  • Increase space around vertebrae
  • Enhance motion
  • Decrease stiffness and aching
  • Address inflammation and tissue toxicity
  • Heal chronic lower back pain
  • Encourages flow in circulatory system

Save 15% when purchased as part of the Basic Body Kit!