The System

GST - The System

GST- (Gridflow Somatic Technology) a proprietary system with biotechnology for manipulating fascia.  GST uses motion + new biomechanics + GST fascia flux™, to remodel tissue and heal, condition and revitalize your body.

GST focuses exclusively on fascia as the singular way to take care of the whole body, holistically.

We use motion because it is the primary influencer of fascia and fascia is the primary way to influence whole body health.  

GST gives the collective benefits of chiropractic, deep tissue massage, acupuncture, reiki organ detoxification, all in one deeply satisfying workout body-care experience designed to your body’s signature needs.


Your body has an incredible system that has been largely overlooked until now…. Recent research is showing it plays a crucial role in total body function and health.

The connective tissue system (CTS) is made of a spider web-like (tissue) called fascia. Through sensitive, fiber-optic-type communication, fascia is involved in and influences every other system and process in the human body.

Fascia changes most through physical motion. Our training teaches you how to manipulate, animate and radically remodel your fascia to change your health.

If you're experiencing problems with your body and health and have tried everything without success, do a deep dive into fascia and GST.

The Science

A Fluid Foundation Wave

Our planet, your body and your fascia are each about 70% water!  But we forget this all the time. We sit, we stagnate then “tighten and tone” in workouts. This locks us up. Stiff and rigid, dehydrated and parched, it's no wonder we feel so crunchy and calcified (in pain)- especially as we age. Stationary water is the breeding ground for septic toxic conditions ripe for disease. This is true when it comes to the body.

Motion is happening on every level of your body function, cells, tissues, fluids, systems and the whole body as we live life.  All levels of motion must be synchronized to keep good flow.  How we move in our fitness and life interferes with and restricts the smaller micro movements inside us.  This cuts off the flow and creates an internal environment ripe for degeneration and disease.

We apply the right science to human motion, GST fluid dynamic technologies™ the way water responds to gravity and moves to distribute this stress.  Since fluid problems need fluid mechanics, our science based techniques are entirely unique in the industry and are a pillar of biotechnology why GST is so effective at addressing complex body issues through whole body care.   

Our Biotechnology includes GST Fluid Dynamic Mechanics™, Spinocoretilation™, Musculoanimorphics™, Osteotectonics™, Oxyllation™, Dermatraction™, and Neural-contouring™  and Fascia Flux™ are all built according to the primary body systems that provide direct access for manipulating and remodeling to influence total body health.This proprietary technology is infused in everything we do.


All body therapies, the doctors and practitioners, use only 3 tools to care for your body.

  1. Lever- long stick 
  2. Force- pressure is specific directions 
  3. Flow- to get motion 

Chiropractors put your body in a position so your bones (levers) align in a specific configuration. They then apply gentle or strong force to get your joints to move.  Massage therapists use their arms and legs (levers) pushing into your muscles (force) to get muscles to soften and glide (flow). Acupuncturists use a needle (lever) into your meridian (force) to get chi energy to (flow)  . 

You have all these tools - 5 LEVER groups (skeletal system) + EFFORT (of force) and MOTION- the flow of energy leaving your body system. 

In GST we use our biotechnologies along with specialized techniques to teach you how to configure your body in shapes, how to direct and apply force through motion to get your tissue to flow.