The Studio

The GST Vital LIfe Studio is a place for EVERY body. In any condition. No exception. Young, old, men, women, injured or in pain, athletic or aging. You will find a place to take care of your body and a practice that will become a way of life, a vital life. 

Inside the Vital Life Studio Anna has curated a wealth of education, resources and full flow movement videos for your signature body needs. You’ll find classes, therapeutic instruction for rehabilitation, coaching for conditioning and peak performance as well as collections covering every topic from chronic fatigue to pregnancy and beyond.  

Explore the world of all things fascia including nutrition, supplementation, culinary techniques for restoring your body’s organic biological relationship to food to optimize fascia and its function in your total body health. 

Concierge Body Care with

Anna Rahe

Welcome to Concierge Body Care, this is how I provide tailored solutions to address your body's specific needs. My approach focuses on offering real, sustainable, and permanent solutions that will truly transform your body and rejuvenate your soul.

I am dedicated to radically changing your body and aging trajectory. Join me in one of two ways to do a deep body dive, designed specifically for you that will bring about remarkable transformation. Together, we will fix what's broken, remodel your body, and help you recover from any existing issues.

My goal is to empower you with a sustainable practice that suits your lifestyle, so that your body effortlessly supports your everyday activities. No longer should you feel constrained by your body - let me help you reclaim your life.

Book your free discovery call with me and begin your journey towards a revitalized, harmonious body and soul. 


8 weeks, you and I together focused exclusively on taking care of your signature body needs. I tailor each session and walk with you from broken body to living a vital energy filled life.


Private Sessions | GST Basic Body KIT Equipment | 8 Week Modules with extra Resources | 24 hour support

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10 Weeks to a pain free, vital ageless body. As part of the Vital Life Collective you will join others in the journey towards an ageless body while still receiving 1-on-1 concierge care.


GST BBK Equipment | 3 Private Lessons | 2 Weekly Live Session | 10 Week Modules + Resources | 24 hour support

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