The Founder
A personal note

Anna Rahe

At 18 I felt 80. I was trapped inside my young body unable to find answers from every elite professional I sought for help. I became hyper focused on finding answers to my own physical pain and complicated health issues. I was driven by the desire to feel young, healthy, vital and free in my body. This instigated me to buck the medical and fitness systems and go rogue.

I took a 25 year deep dive into the body’s most complex and holistic system and along the way created a revolutionary new science based solution to health and wellness, the ability to use motion for much more than fitness- to remodel, recover, and restore function, health and vitality for the human body.

Certified in Pilates, Fascial Fitness with additional extensive study in the fields of biomechanics, and physics, myriad movement methods (Yoga, Gyrotonics, Bartineiff, Laban, Applied Kinesiology, Tai Chi, Qigong) as well as manual body work techniques (Barral, Rolfing, Reiki, Rosen Method, dry needling). I created GST from the best of all my studies filling in the gaps with my own discoveries and research.

I am passionate and driven to help others because when you free your body, the rest will follow

As the founder, CEO and educator of GST Body, Anna has spoken about holistic body care through fascia around the world, partnered with top athletes, surgeons, physicians, and celebrities, and been featured in various publications, from Shape to Elle, Net-a-Porter to The Wall Street Journal. Throughout her career Anna has had the pleasure of working with and helping over ten thousand people find lasting change by restoring their bodies and reclaiming an ageless vital life.