What is GST?


GST is holistic body care empowered by the conditioning of your fascia - the connective tissue that binds your body structures together.

Using proprietary techniques and technology that activate and strengthen your body's fascia, we teach you how to heal new or chronic pain, optimize your body's physical performance, and fortify your body against aging.

> Althea Aging

> Conscious Conditioning

> Movement Medicine

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GST is a personal empowerment tool to take control over your body's health. We will teach you how to be your own wellness practitioner.

  • Fascia Conditioning for Pain

    Movement Medicine

    Our process for addressing chronic conditions, pains, and injuries.

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  • Fascia Conditioning for Fitness

    Conscious Conditioning

    Our practice for aesthetics, athletics, and ultra-performance.

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  • Fascia Conditioning for Aging

    Althea Aging

    Our solution for degeneration, inflammation, and dehydration.

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We spent 20 years searching for the most effective bodywork tools, and when we couldn't find them, we designed them ourselves!

Our equipment uses traction and suspension to release tightness and restrictions, balancing the body's systems to leave you feeling renewed, refreshed, and open.

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