Your Body Has Its Own Humidifier...Your Lungs!

Your Body Has Its Own Humidifier...Your Lungs!

Did you know that your lungs act as your body’s own humidifier, providing hydration to most of your body’s tissues and systems? Breathing offers a different type of hydration than drinking water and not all breathing has the same benefits. For example, doing cardio workouts when your heart beats fast doesn’t provide the right requirements for the lungs to optimize the humidifier function. 

Try out our programs to learn different breaths that will encourage total body hydration, working on many levels of your physiology:

  • Our Althea Aging program and products focus on breathing and hydration for alleviating arthritis aches and pains as we age.
  • Our Conscious Conditioning program focuses on breathing and hydration that supports synovial fluid- the body’s version of oil that lubricates your joints- for working out and athletics.
  • Our Movement Medicine program focuses on breathing and hydration that increases tissue elasticity, which in turn, increases flexibility while decreasing inflammation and helps your injuries to heal.
Whatever your fitness or pain needs are, GST is here to help! Sometimes we get caught up in the craziness of daily life, but remembering to slow down and take a breath is just as important for your body health as physical exercise. Purchase six breathing videos for only $6 to get you started!

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