GST Conscious Conditioning

We have three different ways for you to do Conscious Conditioning through our Online Studio!

GST Conscious Conditioning is the next evolution in exercise, fitness and sports conditioning with bio-mechanics that support rather than damage fascia.  Fascia plays by different rules, it’s a game changer.  Here you will find educational videos to help you learn good fluid dynamic mechanics, videos to target specific interests, and flow videos for fascia fitness.

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If traditional workout regimes and CrossFit-esque programs are leaving your joints inflamed and your body compressed, it might be time to change up your fitness strategy.

Our fascia conditioning for fitness program, otherwise known as Conscious Conditioning, works with kinetic and cinematic motion. Using our GST technologies, we teach you how to stretch, lengthen and strengthen your fascia. Classes are rigorous, but you'll be left feeling loose, open, flowy and strong.

From the high-performing athlete to the fitness enthusiast, our Conscious Conditioning program is the holistic, whole-body workout that you've been looking for!

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