How to Slow Aging With GST

How to Slow Aging With GST

Aging is the slow deterioration of your tissues (cells that build your body) and the subsequent processes and functions these tissues perform. While we are all aging, the things that we do greatly determine how we are aging- slowly or rapidly.

The number one way to slow aging and protect against the damages of time is to take care of your tissues. You can actually determine a lot about aging using a concept called cellular remodeling, a process by which you are able to determine what cells are selected and how they organize to rebuild. This process is done through elements found in human motion; There is good motion and bad motion, and the higher the quality of your motion, the healthier your cells, so the better you age. 

Avoid these 3 things that greatly exaggerate your tissue aging:

  • Sitting all day followed by going and working out hard, thinking you are making up for sitting all day. This is a recipe for aging tissue.
  • Crunches that tighten and tone by shortening your muscles
  • Over adrenalizing your body with aggressive cardio. Adrenaline is a tissue killer.

STOP your ALL or NOTHING approach to exercise.  Consider moderation in all things.  Rethink - less is more.  Just like food, the more nutritious your food, the less you need to eat. Same is true for your exercise.  The better your motion, the less you need.  What is the best motion? 

Do these 3 things every day and multiple times throughout the day:

  • Breathe with techniques you find here in our body care video library. Breathing is like drinking water for your tissue because it is hydrating from the inside out.
  • Traction- Hang on any bars, railings, and scaffolding you see around you. Make life your jungle gym. You can even get your own Tensegrity Suspension Wall System.
  • Swing and toss your body through wide ranges of motion- Make sure your fitness moves contain the ingredient of stretch in them.  For example, playing soccer vs riding your peloton: Soccer requires stretch when you kick the ball, whereas Peloton only tightens you.  
Aging is inevitable and impossible to stop, but GST strives to help you age GRACEFULLY through staying mobile, active, and vital. If this is your main goal, our Althea Aging Program is for you!

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