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Tensegrity Suspension Wall System

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We are tired of at-home gyms and equipment that’s dated, repackaged as new, punitive and old school calisthenics - boring!

We think it’s time that adults got their own playtime in their own jungle gym. So we made the Tensegrity Suspension Wall System. 

The tensegrity what?!?! Fancy word for; we know but trust us - you need this.  This wall system is the creme de la creme of the GST Body experience.  

Here is what your new jungle gym will gift you: 

  • Rehabilitation and athletic conditioning aspirations 
  • Daily Traction for joint decompression
  • Yawning stretch for your muscles
  • Healing for low back pain
  • Healing for head neck and shoulder pain
  • Dynamic alignment for your spine
  • A suspension (not compression) strength- and stretch-based workout 
  • Enhances total body metabolism 
  • Increases dopamine and serotonin for emotional stress detox 
  • Enhances brain and neural efficiency 
  • Decrease stress
  • Increases functional strength 
  • Increase blood flow
  • Strengthens lungs and the respiratory systems
  • Enhances Cardio capabilities
  • Heals low back pain
  • Fixes low back pain
  • Heals and Strengthens knees
  • Mobilize and decompresses hips
  • Supports total body metabolic activity 
  • Detoxifies tissues and other body systems
  • Fixes Aches and Pains
  • Helps with brain and neural efficiency