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Tensegrity Traction Straps

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Ever feel like you could use a lift?  Some support? A way to take the burden off your body?  

How about some Spider-Man webs, anyone?  The GST Traction Straps are the perfect combo of a hammock and resistance training equipment.

Let your body find strength, stability and length with these straps that act like suspension webs creating resistance and also support for stretching.  

Here is a list of  the magic that the Tensegrity Straps provide: 

  • Therapeutic and functional fitness ambitions 
  • Traction your body for length and strength
  • Get long while you get strong
  • Pull out back pain
  • Increase blood flow
  • Align your spine
  • Decompress joints
  • Move supported through wide ranges of motion 

We can say with a little blushing - and a whole lot of confidence - that our straps are the best functional fitness equipment out there.  Try us!