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GST Go-Flow Bag

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Okay, okay; it's just a bag - or is it?

Most people start their GST journey by curating one piece of  equipment at a time. First a roller, then micro bars, then sliders, then towels. 

Before long you’ve got lots of awesome fascia conditioning equipment with no convenient place to put them.

We love our GST Body equipment for their unique shapes, dimensions and functionality - but that means that your traditional gym bag won’t fit and organize your GST equipment well.

But we designed our Go-Flow bag to fit every piece of GST Body equipment.  A perfect-sized carry-all bag that can be easily washed and reused over and over. 

Lightweight and super sturdy, the Go-Flow bag is the ideal way to store, organize and transport your GST equipment wherever you go.

Save 15% when purchased as part of the Basic Body Kit!