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GST Body Bar (48")

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Body ninja! The GST Body Bar is your body’s secret weapon!

Why? You ask. Because it has the most diverse uses & benefits of all our equipment

This is a key body tool in all of our classes

The GST Body Bar lets you:

  • Poke it into your muscles and bones for deeply satisfying body massage and tissue reconstruction
  • Lift it and push it around for strength, stretch, agility and endurance training 
  • Swing it and toss it for circulation and cellular vibration 
  • Lay it on your face for beauty
  • Press it into your back to reach pain areas that your chiropractor can’t identify
  • Hang off it for traction
  • Suspend from it it to get strong
  • Lean against if for stretch

The GST Body Bar is but one of the bar options in our whole Continuum Collection. Check out the other tools: mini and micro bars.

Save 15% when purchased as part of the Basic Body Kit!