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GST Body Bar (48")

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The GST Body Bar is your body’s secret weapon ;) “Why,” you ask. It has the most diverse uses and benefits of all our equipment. 

This body bar lets you:

  • Poke it into your muscles and bones for deeply satisfying body massage and tissue reconstruction
  • Lift it and push it around for strength, stretch, agility and endurance training 
  • Swing it and toss it for circulation and cellular vibration 
  • Lay it on your face for beauty
  • Press it into your back to reach pain areas that your chiropractor can’t identify
  • Hang off it for traction
  • Suspend from it it to get strong
  • Lean against if for stretch

Let the Body Bar unleash your human potential and build you into the pain free, super hero that is laying dormant deep inside.  Use your killer instincts, start feeling the freedom in your body and find your roar. 

The GST Body Bar is but one of the bar options in our whole Continuum Collection. Check out the other tools: mini and micro bars.