The BBK + La Vie KIt
The BBK + La Vie KIt

The BBK + La Vie KIt

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Introducing the Ultimate GST Bundle: the perfect combination of our Basic Body Kit and La Vie Sac, designed to bring vitality and restoration to your body with a comprehensive selection of tools. This bundle merges the best of both collections to offer you an unparalleled experience in body care and rejuvenation.

From the Basic Body Kit, enjoy the variety of curated items from the Somatix, Continuum, and Tensegrity Suspension Collections. The Roll-X will help you address dense and ossified fascia, alleviating pain and discomfort in various parts of the body, while promoting better sleep and digestion. The 48" GST Body Bar, a versatile tool for manual tissue and movement manipulation, offers the benefits similar to the GST Traction Bar. Additionally, the Tensegrity Traction Straps (TTS) will become extensions of your body to support and enhance your fascia flow exercises.

The La Vie Sac, or "The Life Bag," complements this with a selection of easy-to-carry, versatile equipment. It includes the same beneficial GST Roll-X along with a Mini Bar and a Micro Bar Set for varied weight and resistance training. The GST Dermatraction Mat, Friction Sliders, Traction Towel, and GST Arc add layers of functionality and options for a more diverse workout.

Altogether, the Ultimate GST Bundle includes:

  • 2 GST Roll-X for targeted fascia care
  • 1 GST Body Bar (6 lbs) for manual tissue and movement manipulation
  • 1 Tensegrity Traction Straps (TTS) with Canvas Clutch for fascia flow exercises
  • 1 Mini Bar (6 lbs) for additional weight training
  • 1 Micro Bar Set (2x2 lbs bars) for versatile workouts
  • 1 GST Dermatraction Mat for improved grip and comfort
  • 1 GST Friction Sliders for dynamic movement exercises
  • 1 GST Traction Towel for enhanced grip and pull exercises
  • 1 GST Arc for diverse body positioning
  • 1 Canvas Drawstring Tote for convenient storage and transport
  • 1 100% Cotton Go-Flow Bag for all your on-the-go needs

This bundle is designed for those who are serious about revitalizing their body and embracing a holistic approach to health and wellness. With this collection, you have all you need to bring your body back to life and experience the incredible feelings of lightness, ease, and vitality. Discover the difference with the Ultimate GST Bundle today!

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