GST is a skin to soul experience.

Come explore expansive and holistic healing, conditioning and strengthening through the natural movement and playful expression of fascia

We Are Holistic Body Care

Caring for your body with GST is like chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy, deep tissue massage and fitness all rolled into one beautiful, holistic body practice. GST focuses on your fascia- an extensive integrative body system, that flips our old compartmentalized way of taking care of the body- up-side down and gifts us a new comprehensive solution for holistic body care.

After 20 years of clinical study and research, we have built GST Body to focus exclusively on fascia as the singular answer to all things body- aesthetics, athletics, rehabilitation and aging.  Fascia is not an extra in your routine it is the essential of any body care practice.

Fascia is a holistic body system and that is what makes GST Body holistic body care.

We have simplified body care into 3 life changing, body transforming practices to care for every unique body.

Looking at Back Pain: How is your work posture the same as your crunches?

Have you ever stopped to think - there isn’t a board or organization like the FDA to regulate quality and motions of exercise and fitness programs? We think all movement is created equal and is good for the body. That is as crazy as thinking “ any food is good for the...

Evolve Your Body Practice

GST is a personal empowerment tool to take control over your own body health. We will teach you how to be all the wellness practitioners you need for yourself.

Welcome to the ultimate self care experience.

A Whole Body Fascia Conditioning System

In our bodies we have an intricate smart grid called the Connective Tissue System (CTS) it holds your body together with a web like tissue, called fascia. Through sensitive fiber optic communication, fascia masters every process in us from detoxification to healing, hydration to metabolism. Fascia is our most holistic system and serves in its greatest capacity as our organ of consciousness. Learn more about your fascia type by taking our quiz or downloading our guide below.

Tools for Your Body Practice

We spent 20 years searching for the most effective bodywork tools. If we could not find them, we designed them. Shop our Body Shop for products that will change your body and your life.

GST equipment provides the antidote for the wear and tear of gravity using traction and suspension to stretch tightness and release restrictions to balance body tensions and systems.  You will feel renewed, refreshed, open, awake, alive and lighter of being.

Actress and Producer

“Part movement scientist and part wellness wizard, Anna perceives things in the human body that go way beyond textbook. Anna’s approach is unique and must be experienced to be fully appreciated. After our first session, I felt light, open, calm and grounded. I swear I inhaled differently walking out of GST Body. If you can, get into the studio. Give it a try.”

Best Selling Author and Wellness Educator

“Anna Rahe is an absolute genius educator! She’s extremely knowledgeable and completely devoted to enhancing the health of your fascia. She will help sculpt your entire body with love and help move stuck emotions while increasing flexibility and vitality! As a wellness advocate here in LA, I send so many clients to her so we can collectively collaborate to help people reach their highest potential on all levels.” 

COO of Goop

“Anna has a profound and intuitive understanding of the mechanics of the body: How to animate the connective tissue and send energy right through it. Her method is unlike anything else out there—and when you first feel it, you gain an understanding of what it means to really move in an integrated way.”


“You go in crunchy and come out smooth. What more can I say.”


“She’s just a one-stop-body-shop, to be honest.”


“Modern conventions of how to stay limber seem narrow and only partially effective compared to the deep fascia elasticity that Anna Rahe’s GST achieves. Her work is transformative to the body and the brain.”

D.C., L.Ac.

With over 30 years of extensive diverse studies, I can say with confidence that GST is by far one of the leaders in the body care and wellness field. I have personally experienced profound body changes and see these in my patients as well. GST works synergistically with every other body care method. I even find that GST enhances my work and reduces a patient’s needs for adjustments.

D.O. Body of Harmony

My body felt stronger and balanced after just one session. As an Osteopath and a physician I have to say Anna Rahe’s knowledge of the human physique and physiology is superb.


CMT and Massage Therapist, Royal Danish Ballet

GST techniques advance my work with all the dancers I see. There is something very unique and different about GST and it works better than any other things I have tried!


TV Personality & Social Advocate

“Every time Anna serves me up some GST gold, I’m more fuelled, toned, lifted and alive. She just gets it right.”