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La Vie Sac Kit

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Most aptly named La Vie Sac or “The Life Bag” this curated collection of GST equipment, gift wrapped in the Go Flow Bag,  gives you the greatest assortment of tools to restore life to your body without need of equipment installation. 

The La Vie Sac is the most versatile, on-the-go option for you.  The equipment inside most similarly resembles the gym stuff you've been using (weights, bands, straps).  

Mais Voila! Our version of the classic gym bag will do these things for you:

  • Provides both therapeutic and athletic conditioning options
  • Tractions your body for length and strength
  • Compression Stretches muscles to make them supple and strong 
  • Enhances Circulation System functions
  • Aligns your spine
  • Decompress joints
  • Increases functional strength 
  • Increase blood flow
  • Strengthens lungs and the respiratory systems
  • Enhances Cardio capabilities
  • Heals low back pain
  • Fixes low back pain
  • Heals and Strengthens knees
  • Mobilize and decompresses hips
  • Supports total body metabolic activity 
  • Detoxifies tissues and other body systems
  • Fixes Aches and Pains

Most of us need to bring our bodies back to life. We invite you to experience the incredible feelings of lightness, ease and vitality a body full of life can provide.  

La Vie Bella!