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GST Traction Towel

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Schlump much? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. We all do it, and that's why our head, neck, and shoulders always bother us.

You schlump because you have no upper body suspension strength.  Gravity pulls down on you while you sit all day and you pull down on you when you work out.  

Our Traction Towel is a creative, fun way for tapping into the ape-like actions (think hanging and swinging motions) that your body craves and needs.  

The GST Traction Towel:

  • Decompresses your neck and shoulders
  • Improves shoulder flexibility and range of motion 
  • Improves your functional strength
  • Balances head weight and alignment 
  • Strengthens lungs and respiratory systems
  • Supports upper body weight off low back
  • Wipes sweat from your brow after a workout

Most of the ways we train and condition our upper bodies is erosive and leads to our aches and pains. The GST Traction Towel is an athletic solution that works more than just your upper body.  

So much goodness in such a generic thing?  Return to your primal roots; let it heal your body.