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GST Traction Bar

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Remember the good ‘ol days when we would “hang out”? No, we’re not talking about hanging out and watching TV. We’re talking about LITERALLY hanging out - jungle gym style.

No one just hangs around anymore, so we thought we would give you that gift.  

The GST Traction bar is like a grownup jungle gym on your wall at home.  Your body needs daily traction in order to protect itself against the ravages of gravity on your body.  

Our Traction Bar is the best traction tool on the market. It is the only one that uses active rather than  passive (laying on a bed or hanging upside down)  traction to decompress your body. 

The GST Traction Bar will gift you:

  • Daily traction for joint decompression
  • Yawning stretch for your muscles
  • Healing for low back pain
  • Healing for head neck and shoulder pain
  • Dynamic alignment for your spine
  • A suspension (not compression) strength/stretch based workout 
  • An enhanced total body metabolism 
  • Increases dopamine and serotonin  (feel good body chemical) 
  • Improved brain and neural efficiency 
  • Lower stress levels

Take a load off and add daily traction for your body. And remember, traction every day keeps the doctor away ;)

Disclaimer: This is not a medical device.