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GST Nexus Compression Tool

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You know those hard-to-reach places that always seem to be full of aches and pains?

This was literally Anna’s primary motivation in her search for body tools when she first started GST Body.  Finding something that could do what no other healer, practitioner or trainer could do. 

Enter the GST Nexus Compression Tool. 

It looks pretty unassuming at first glance, but just wait until you feel its beautiful and magnificent grip.  :) 

Are your traps (neck and shoulder muscles) always sore? Are you desperate to eliminate the constant tension you feel?  We got you! 

The Nexus Compression Tool is the bodyworker you’ve always dreamt of, and here’s what it can do for you: 

  • Open and lengthen your neck 
  • Soften your traps
  • Loosen your jaw 
  • Release your face tension
  • Exercise your face muscles
  • Decrease neck tension and lines 
  • Would you believe it also works on knees and calves?  

One of our absolute faves. Get a grip. Get this tool! Now.