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GST Mini Bar (24")

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How can something mini have such a powerful effect on someone’s body?  Because it's part of our superhero Continuum collection!

The GST Mini Bar is like little sisters - the Micro Bars - and big brother - the Body Bar.   

Here is what your Micro Bars can do for you

  • Decompress neck and shoulders
  • Lift and support your ribcage 
  • Suspend upper hemisphere strength
  • Optimize lung capacity and oxygen efficiency 
  • Increase stretch and range of motion for muscles, ligaments and joints
  • Enhance lymphatic and blood circulation
  • Restore supple spring like action in your tissues 
  • Heal frozen shoulder
  • Alleviate chronic head and neck tension
  • Balance cardio and respiratory function

Add dynamic training to your workout

The mini bar is a great alternative to the Body Bar for travel and easy carry while also providing the same superhero benefits the rest of the Continuum Collection does. Use your killer instincts and join the family!