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GST Friction Sliders

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Stop this “either-or”  thinking.  

It doesn’t have to be a debate between working out and stretching. And it’s not a choice between needing to tighten and tone muscles, but also wanting to be long and lean.

In a workout that is truly good for you (fascia focused),  your stretch should be your strength.   With our Friction Sliders you can go from stretch to motion without any friction.  

The GST Friction sliders

  • Allow you to lengthen your muscles with long, sweeping ranges of motion
  • Enhance your tissue animation (no static tightening for us!) 
  • Increase whole body metabolic activity
  • Traction your joints 
  • Stretch and lengthen to strengthen your muscles
  • Focus on mobility rather than stability 
  • Help create dynamic alignment 
  • Provide functional fitness

And the best part? You’ll get to feel the ridiculously delicious feeling of a body that is free from tension but is perfectly fit and toned.  

Honestly, you’ll start to crave this type of motion and workout like you have never before.