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Face-scia Clutch

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We know what you’re thinking, but this is NOT another beauty potion to rub on your skin! Start  exercising those face muscles to create lasting beauty that is more than skin deep.  

FOR AESTHETICS: Our Face-scia  Clutch is one of a kind! It is a curated collection of equipment that helps you work out your face by:

  • Creating more symmetry in your face structure
  • Balancing tissue tensions 
  • Releasing jaw and brow tensions
  • Lifting and suspending muscles 
  • Shortening the Philtrum
  • Easing neck strain lines and lifting the delicate tissues of the throat  
  • Toning and plumping tissues
  • Creating more even skin color 
  • Circulating  healthy blood for good tissue cellular regeneration
  • Detoxing lymphatic  toxins

It’s not about looking 20 again; it's about looking like the most beautiful you at any age.  

FOR THERAPEUTICS: We all want to look as young and radiant as we feel but there are also more serious and therapeutic benefits the Face-sica kit addresses. It helps 

  • Restore coordination from strokes
  • Re-train muscle activity that is lost from Bellspasly during pregnancy
  • Heal tension from TMJ and related tinnitus 
  • Address orthodontics issues, soft palate support and bite issues.
  • Address snoring and sinus structural issues.