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Whether it be physical therapy, chiropractic care or massage, every body care modality has a particular focus, for example, primarily concentrating on just muscles or just bones. However, all modalities have something in common: they each try to restore correct movement to the body. Why is that? It’s because movement is one of the key things a body needs to be truly healthy.

Strictly speaking, movement is a metabolic process. Every metabolic process has 3 steps: to generate, metabolize and eliminate.  The completion of each step has a significant impact on the health of the body. The body itself is composed of various systems, including vascular, nervous, lymphatic, musculoskeletal, etc., and each system has a built-in metabolic process to keep it healthy and alive. Here’s the thing: each system profoundly affects the other systems in the body. So, for example, if a step in the digestive process fails, the whole body becomes toxic. Put another way, your body systems behave much like a stream; if a system ceases to flow, it will become stagnant, septic and ripe for disease. The result is a breakdown in that system’s metabolic process, and the body attempts to communicate the problem to us through pain.


There are many things that differentiate GST from all other methods of body care, however, the 2 most important are first, the substance we work with is different. Instead of just muscle and bones, we place our primary focus on fascia. And second, the proprietary GST techniques we use to work with the fascia.

We’ve been talking a lot about fascia, but what exactly is it? Fascia is the primary substance that connects and protects our muscles, bones and other tissue structures. It is the unifying substance of your body’s myriad systems; therefore when you work with fascia, you’re truly working holistically with every system in your body. Because of the nature of fascia, GST addresses numerous systems of the body, not just the skeletal system or muscles.

This is one of the reasons GST is very successful at addressing chronic pain and injury, as well as progressive degenerative conditions.

The next time you want to reach for your painkillers to ease your aches and pains, consider trying a different kind of medicine — movement! Discover what GST Movement Medicine can do, including…

  • Correct alignment through oppositional effort, not just positional body part placement
  • Restore function to joints through active traction
  • Balance the musculoskeletal relationship, which can…
    •  Decrease taxation of effort and force on muscles responsible for tightness and inflexibility
    • Increase synovial fluid production to protect joints against arthritis
    • Balance hyaluronic acid production to protect smooth tissue gliding  
    • Addresses scar tissue that impedes proper tissue function and leads to chronic inflexibility and poor mobility

What people are saying about GST Movement Medicine®

  • “I started my GST journey 90 days ago because of excruciating back pain from disc bulges in my lumbar spine that had debilitated me for over a year.  Not only was the pain relieved within a week, GST has transformed the way I hold and move my body, the way I stand, sit, walk and work out.  I have a different body today."

    Kitty Mak
    Kitty Mak
  • “Anna is a lifesaver.  I’ve had chronic back problems for most of my adult life.  After trying (and not being satisfied with) many other conservative forms of therapy, including physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, etc., I had resigned myself to living a life of pain.  Then I met “the lifesaver.”  After just a few sessions, I started feeling a noticeable difference.  Now, I feel like the “pre-pain” me.  I no longer fear throwing my back out.”

    Gordon Kolodny
    Gordon Kolodny

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