GST Micro Bars (12")
GST Micro Bars (12")
GST Micro Bars (12")
GST Micro Bars (12")
GST Micro Bars (12")

GST Micro Bars (12")

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Nunchucks? Please!  But seriously, if we had to choose a body tool as a weapon, this would be the one.  

Think of fascia like your own superhero suit that supplies all your most important powers; and just like a suit, every superhero needs a weapon of choice - cue our Micro Bars.  

    We’re not kidding when we say our micro bars are a no-brainer when picking your weapon of choice. Try them! They are super effective, super addictive and will help you be your super best pain free you. Comes as a set of 2. 

    Here is what our Micro Bars can do for you:

    • Decompress your neck and shoulders
    • Lift and support your ribcage 
    • Suspend your upper hemisphere for strength
    • Optimize lung capacity and oxygen efficiency 
    • Increase stretch and range of motion across your muscles, ligaments and joints
    • Enhance lymphatic and blood circulation
    • Restore supple, spring-like action in your tissues 
    • Heal frozen shoulder
    • Help relieve chronic head and neck tension
    • Balance cardio and respiratory function
    • Add dynamic training to your workout

    How to select the right weight for you:

     Choose 02 lbs set if you 

    • Are a woman 
    • Have shoulder or neck concerns
    • Are new to principles of moving your spine 
    • Are a man with the same complaints

    Choose the 04 set if you 

    • Are a man
    • Extremely tight and or are reasonably strong
    • Have no shoulder, neck pain or complications
    • Wish to influence fascia quickly and plan to use the bar regularly.

    Materials: steel, iron, and rubber tubing and end caps  

    Measurements: 12” long, 02 lbs is 4” in diameter, 04 lbs is 5” in diameter

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