How Fluent Are You in Your Body's Language?

How Fluent Are You in Your Body's Language?

When I watch most people move, it’s like watching a 2-year-old draw with Crayola makers...big and bold and totally uncoordinated. Most people are completely body illiterate- not listening nor paying attention to the extremely sophisticated nuances your body is communicating to you and wanting you to hear. Since we don’t know its language, we are bad listeners and oftentimes shout back at it for what it isn’t doing or how it’s not looking right. It is a good and noble effort amidst the negative body messaging we are bombarded with to claim to love our bodies, but to truly love your body is more than saying so, more than skin deep.

How many times a day do you check in with your body to see how it’s doing?
How often do you listen to your body during your day and ask what it needs?
If your answer is “Whoops…Never!”, I would ask, how can you love something you never speak to or spend time with?

Do you select supplements by what you see on IG ads? Celery Juice everyone?
Do you chose your diet by what the current fad is? Keto?
Do you discover the workout your body loves by celebrity endorsement? TA?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re not listening to the language your body is speaking to you!

  1. Go quietly inside to where you have INSIGHT.
  2. Turn down the volume on your brain and intellect, turn up the volume on intuition.
  3. Listen to the nuances in your breath.
  4. Feel the micro sensations that tickle you beneath your skin (through your fascia).
  5. When selecting food, supplement, or movement programs, close your eyes and ask yourself “When I think of this…does my body feel a sense of openness and lightness, or do I feel closed and heavy?”

FACT: The more you awaken your fascia, the more your body speaks to you.

SCIENCE: With 3 times as many receptors and sensors as any other tissue, fascia holds your body's consciousness and is reporting to your brain all your life experiences and its personal needs.

When tissue is ossified (callused) and congested, sensors are either over or under-stimulated and can not communicate. When fascia fibers are individuated and hydrated, the sensors have space and can take in more accurate information. Therefore, opening and expanding fascia expands total consciousness- both proprioception (the world around you) and perception (self to the world around you).

Fascia is the primary system of communication that speaks the language of your body and its experiences. When your fascia is unhealthy (dry, enmeshed, retracted, and dehydrated), it’s like putting masking tape over someone’s mouth and shoving them in a dark closet.

The root languages of the world are 1. Tamil 2. Sanskrit 3. Greek 4. Latin 5. Hebrew 6. Arabic 7. Chinese 8. Sumerian 9. Egyptian 10. Persian.  Maybe it's time to take your body out of the closet, remove the masking tape, and start learning a new Romance language – CORPENIAN Corpe=Body Ian+language.

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