What is "Fascia Work" and How Can It Help Heal Chronic Pain?

In this episode, Jess & Rye sit down with Anna Rahe, founder of GST Body! She teaches us all about the "secret organ" called fascia and how you can actually work with it to heal chronic pain and discomfort!

Jess kicks off the episode with a solo intro sharing some of her top tips for maintaining balance during the summer months and how to still make progress towards your health and fitness goals.. without fomo!

In this episode, we discuss:

-Anna's story with chronic pain in her early 20's and how it severely impacted her dancing career and quality of life

-How she found out about the fascial system and started working with her fascia to heal her own chronic pain

-What the fascia is and how to contract and move fascia to help heal pain and discomfort

-How to know if your fascia needs attention (common symptoms and root causes)

-What a GST session with Anna looks like and exercises anyone can do from home to support their fascia and improve how they look and feel

-Common mistakes people make in their workouts that perpetuate pain and corrections you can make to improve your results and prevent injury & more!