The VITAL Importance of Healthy Fascia for Whole Mind/Body Health

Sometimes I struggle with giving a title to my podcasts... I try to figure out how I can hook people in so that they will listen to something that I find so freaking fascinating and I try to implore how crazy important the topic is.

The subject of fascia BLOWS my mind, and I want everyone to listen to this!!

Fascia is finally become a more widely discussed area of health and wellness, but it still does not receive the attention it deserves in my opinion.

It literally impacts EVERYTHING to do with our mind-body system, something that Anna Rahe of GST Body has known for decades.

Anna developed a method of movement years ago when she was trying to heal and understand the root of her chronic pain and digestive and lung problems, despite being a yoga and pilates instructor.

She decided that spending 2 to 3 hours per night to undo her pain ignited during the day just wasn't going to fit into her life forever.

From this pain, introspection and great curiosity, GST Body was born, and through her methods and tools, she has helped many find ease and vitality in their bodies.

This is the first of hopefully several conversations... I have many more questions and don't even know yet the full potential of where this topic can go, but I want to find out!