The Overlooked Link in Autoimmune conditions, Chronic Pain and Illness

At 18 years old Anna Rahe felt like she was 80. Everytime she went for a run or hike it would take days for her to recover. After being told her situation was a mystery, Anna went on a mission to figure out what was causing her fatigue and pain. Fast forward to today and Anna is the CEO and founder of GST Body, a proprietary system known as Gridflow Somatic Technology. GST is a way of remodeling your fascial tissue to hydrate, condition and revitalize it. Anna has partnered with top athletes, surgeons, physicians, and celebrities, as well as being featured in various publications, from Shape to Elle, Net-a-Porter to The Wall Street Journal. In this episode of The Health Fix Podcast, Dr. Jannine Krause interviews Anna Rahe on the latest research in fascial tissue and how it ties into your fight or flight nervous system, mobility, energy making capability as well as your capacity to recover from inflammation in the body.