Your Secret to Healing? The Mysterious Organ that Changes Everything

Most of us are familiar with our bodily organs. We at least know the main gist of what they do - our digestive organs break down our food, our lungs bring in oxygen and release carbon dioxide, our heart pumps our blood. Even if we’re not familiar with all the details, we still know that they exist and that they’re working to keep us well.

What if I told you you had a secret organ that you probably never heard of, and that it has a irreplaceable effect on your wellbeing and overall health?

Listen today to have your mind blown by my guest, Anna Rahe. Anna is the founder and CEO of GST Body. She has spoken about holistic body care through fascia around the world, partnered with top athletes, surgeons, physicians, and celebrities such as Robert Downey, Jr, Emmy Rossum, and Lauren Roxburg. Anna has been featured in various publications, from Shape to Elle, Net-a-Porter to The Wall Street Journal.

Join our conversation and discover new ways of knowing and healing your body, mind, and spirit.