Keeping Your Fascia Healthy

Do you know how to keep your fascia healthy?

Anna Rahe, originally an aspiring artist, actress, and dancer, faced a sudden shift in her life when she began experiencing intense body issues at 18 that made her feel trapped in the body of an 80-year-old. Seeking answers and relief, Anna uncovered the transformative power of movement and its profound effect on fascia.

In this episode of The Elevated Life, we're sharing "Keeping Your Fascia Healthy with Anna Rahe" so you can work on building a deeper mind-body connection. If you want to learn more about your fascia and how it connects to all of the vital organs in your body, then you'll love this episode!

Tune in to hear:

The role of fascia in digestive issues, knee issues, and low back pain

Fascia's presence in the muscular system and other organs like the endocrine and lymphatics

Anna recommendations to explore and understand fascia for holistic body health

Why emotions from past trauma can get stored in your body and manifest as chronic pain