Fascia – Your Body’s Best–Kept Secret for Self–Healing

Have you ever heard of fascia? Do you know its role? Don’t worry – many people don’t even know what the word means.

Fascia is actually a physical tissue connecting our body parts. (‘So what?’ I can almost hear you saying this.) Well, what is FASCInating about fascia is that it’s also an organ of consciousness that stores our experiences and emotions.

And in this episode I have a special guest who can explain the importance of fascia science for holistic health and spiritual well-being. Joining us is Anna Rahe, a healer, educator, and founder of GST Body.

Anna’s journey began with severe health challenges that traditional medicine couldn't solve. But after discovering fascia and years of studying and researching it, she developed a revolutionary approach to healing and dedicated her life to healing herself and helping others.

Anna challenges traditional views that the brain is the sole controller of bodily functions. In this interview, she explains why the fascia is a crucial sensory organ that stores experiences and sends messages to the brain.

This is not something Anna came up with.

Fascia therapy fits well with ancient practices like Qi Gong and martial arts. This shows how traditional Eastern wisdom and modern science can work together. As Anna (and many other healers) believe, there should be a more balanced approach, rather than relying solely on external medical interventions.

Tune in for the full interview as Anna talks about the incredible potential of fascia. She also shares how movement, self-awareness, and holistic practices can unlock the hidden potential within us to heal ourselves and achieve spiritual growth.