Fascia- The Conscious Organ

Anna Rahe is a FASCIA-NATING guest to introduce to you (ha ha ha)! In her 20s, Anna suffered from chronic pain throughout her body that manifested as tension and IBS-like symptoms. Even as a dancer with a range of motion better than most, she still suffered from tightness and pain, with no clear answer as to why or how it could be solved. Anna spent thousands of hours searching every discipline from East to West to find a fix. Every professional she approached said the same thing – “it’s too complicated.” She left their offices with nothing until finally, she took healing into her own hands – literally. Anna followed the connections to and from the pain in her body, and through this process discovered fascia, the “secret organ” that, when damaged, causes many of the body’s complications and complaints we suffer from. She mapped her entire body, and it was then that the sun finally rose on the dark night of pain she’d been in for so long. As the founder of GST Body, Anna has worked with celebrities such as Robert Downey Jr., Emmy Rossum, and Sam Esmail, while also being featured in various publications, from The Wall Street Journal to goop.