All about fascia and movement as medicine

143: All about fascia and movement as medicine with Anna Rahe Here’s what we talk about in today’s episode:

What is fascia – and why it might be the key to your body’s physical wellness

How fitness can be therapeutic, and how you can use motion as medicine

Why you don’t need someone else to fix your body problems, and how you can manipulate and control the outcome of your own health

A daily exercise your audience can implement right now to take control of your body’s health

and so.much.more.

Here’s a bit more about Anna and her background: For the past 20+ years, Anna Rahe has delved deep into a liberating and empowering relationship with fascia so that as many people as possible can invest in their health, restore their vitality, and heal themselves with the proprietary tools she has created. As the founder, CEO and educator of GST Body, Anna has spoken about holistic body care through fascia around the world, partnered with top athletes, surgeons, physicians and celebrities, and been featured in various publications, from Shape to Elle, Net-a-Porter to The Wall Street Journal.