No Equipment? No Problem!

No Equipment? No Problem!

If you’ve been thinking about signing up for a Zoom class or the Online Studio but have been hesitating because you don’t have GST equipment, this guide is here for you to help display some common creative substitutes that you can use to help you do GST online.

While having GST equipment and accessories at your fingertips is great, it is totally possible to experience our offerings without equipment! It just takes a little creativity and a willingness to look for these simple substitutes from what you have on hand at home.

Here is a list of common accessories that we use in our classes and some simple substitutions for them:

  • Traction Towel or KTS: yoga strap, Theraband, belt, or scarf
  • GST Roll-X: two tennis balls in a sock or another similarly shaped body tool
  • Friction Sliders: a manila envelope, washcloth or small towel, or anything else that will slide on your floor
  • Bodywork Bench: ottoman, low stool or bench, sturdy coffee table, or another similar piece of furniture
  • GST Body Bar: an unweighted bar, like a wood dowel or a broom handle with the broom head removed
  • GST Traction Bar (wall mounted bar): a counter, patio railing, or any sturdy surface that you can hold on to and pull off of will work

If you do not have a Tensegrity Traction Strap, you can also check out these simple DIY videos with Anna Rahe and create your own at home: Part 1Part 2

The best way for you to find videos that do not require equipment or use minimal equipment is to use the “search” feature on our Online Studio! Just select your area of interest first (Movement Medicine, Althea Aging, or Conscious Conditioning) from the “My Library” page, and then you can use the “Search” feature in the toolbar. Type in “no equipment” or “no equipment required” and it will pull up all of the videos in that area of interest.

Want to find more? If you have a Skin to Soul subscription, you will need to search in each area of interest individually (so if you start in Movement Medicine, make sure to check out Althea Aging or Conscious Conditioning if you’re looking for more.)

Get started this way and when you’re ready, you can always shop our full selection of equipment. While these are great ways to get started, adding in even one accessory can help give you more options in the Online Studio and get you MOVING!

Ready to get started? Visit our Online Studio now.

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