Junk Movement vs. Nutritious Movement

Junk Movement vs. Nutritious Movement

Our desire to stay fit and be healthy focuses primarily on two things, diet and exercise. Over the recent decades, we have evolved a lot of our ideas of what is considered a healthy diet, but the same can’t be said for our perspectives of exercise. Nobody asks themselves when in aerobics classes or peddling away on their peloton, “Is this exercise really good for me? How nutritious is the movement I am doing?” And the sad truth is, most people are doing junk exercise/motion, thinking it’s good for them.  Doing junk exercise/motion is arguably worse for you than eating junk food! Below are some GST tips to help you start evolving your health and fitness perspectives into a more holistic body care practice:

Tips for having a good diet for whole body care focused on fascia:

  • DO- Eat your water by consuming hydrating foods including tons of veggies, fruits, dairy, chia seeds, etc. Not only are these foods hydrating, but they are also highest in vitamin micronutrients!
  • DON’T- Eat high sugar foods that cause inflammation
  • DO- Take a good high potency probiotic to help heal your gut biome

Tips for having healthy nutrient rich exercise/motion:

  • DO- Perform movements that are hydrating to your tissues, which include long stretchy motions that take your body through big ranges of motion. 
  • DON’T- Put your body in these positions while exercising: tucking your pelvis to flatten your back, tightening your abs and ribcage to stabilize your core, and pulling your shoulders down your back which causes neck pain.   
  • DO- Learn how to activate your own fascia, offering nutrient-rich micro movements not available through traditional calisthenic exercises. 

All of these tips can be accomplished with the help of GST! Take our quiz to figure out the right program for you and begin your holistic body care journey through nutritious movement:)

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