GST's Momma Body Care

GST's Momma Body Care

With the web and the invention of apps, we have unlimited access to information about our pregnant bodies- how they change and what to expect. When I was pregnant for the first time with my daughter, the information I found that I was missing information including very specific body care instructions for me, the momma growing the baby and preparing for delivery, as well as how to recover post-baby. The answer was not gentle yoga!

GST Body has unique fascia (tissue) technology and a revolutionary approach to preparing and conditioning Mama's bodies for every aspect of pregnancy- prenatal, labor, and post-baby recovery.

Questions you may have that GST Body will answer are:

• How can I work my core for the whole 9 months to help with labor and recovery?
• How can I avoid unnecessary swelling and veins?
• How can I prevent stretch marks?
• How can assure baby turns head down and isn’t breach?
• How can I open my pelvis and avoid tearing?
• How do I prepare my body for the Olympics of childbirth?
• How can I guarantee my body’s fastest recovery?
• How can I look better post-baby than pre-baby…is that possible? YES!

• How do I avoid post-baby mid-back, neck, and shoulder pain?
• How do I fix this pain myself?
• How do I support pelvic restructuring- when relaxing leaves- to make sure my pelvis is aligned when ligaments go back to normal?
• How do I prevent nursing difficulties like no, low, or fast flow?
• How can I avoid mastitis?
• How do I lose weight fast, even for my body type?

GST Body will provide you with the answers to these questions and a practical approach to preparing your body in a way that no other pregnancy program does.

Since I’m pregnant with my third child, I’m on this journey again and also actively working on providing more resources to help you whether you’re near or far. Stay tuned!

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