GST’s Medium, Modality, and Methods

GST’s Medium, Modality, and Methods


Fascia is the ground substance in and through which all systems of the body are connected.  Mechanically, fascia is a fibrous connective tissue that holds muscles together in their correct place, individuates them so they can work independently of each other and provides a lubricated surface so that they can move smoothly against each other.  Physiologically, fascia protects the body from the impact of forces by distributing tension.  It is possible to rearrange, reconfigure and restructure the body by manipulating specific key elements that fascia responds to.  



Movement is the animation of all body systems for function, vitality and health. Where there is movement there is life. Where there is inaction there is stagnation, enervation and disease. Movement is one of the key elements fascia requires for restructuring and optimal function. Two important factors interplay when the body is moving: external forces outside the body (gravity and weight) and effort force generated by tissue inside the body (fascia and muscles) in response to the external forces.  We can choose both the external force (the way we workout) and effort force (the way we make our muscles and tissue respond). Body tissue (muscle and viscera) must move for all systems to function properly. We choose to restore our body’s function by choosing to move.


Fascia responds to specific key conditions that manual therapy cannot alone provide. Although exercising involves muscles that include fascia substance, exercises alone cannot manipulate fascia. The perfect combination is found in GST. GST’s unique exercises provide the every specific key elements required for fascia to restructure.  We teach proprietary muscle actions to these exercise elements to directly control fascia response. The full body movement in combination with exercise elements and muscle responses provides enough force to manipulate the strong fibrous constancy of fascia. By these revolutionary methods it is possible to restructure tissue dramatically for permanent body healing and change.

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