Automation vs Animation: Finding Balance

Automation vs Animation: Finding Balance

What if we took the body as a template for life and learned our lessons by understanding and intentionally using the laws and mechanics of nature that govern the body and life? What if the process looked simply like a fun sport or play? A painting of motion on the canvas of space? What if our bodies were the real reflection of what is happening on the inside?

What if body and being were in symmetry?

Why is this important? A lot of it comes down to the simple concept of AUTOMATION vs ANIMATION…

The Technology Age has made automation the ultimate requirement for everything. Ease, simplicity, not having to do anything. Humans are losing massive life skills as mechanical systems required to live are being automated for us.

A side effect is that we have developed a mentality of expectation: things should be easy, and they ought to be completed for us. Achievement is the outcome of the simple tap of a button. We don’t want to have to expend any amount of effort or energy to understand, execute, or attain.

Maybe you’ve heard the expression, any strength carried to the extreme becomes a weakness. The incredible benefits that automation provides are inversely becoming a liability. Automation makes people absent, lacking intention and engagement. Automated life has rendered humans more and more insignificant, less vital, and in truth, less alive.


  1. a moving mechanical imitation of a human being, a machine that performs a function according to a predetermined set of coded instructions, especially one capable of a range of programmed responses to different circumstances.

Animation is the prerogative of all living things. It is generated from the single cell’s evolutionary thirst and thrust to become more. A single cell recognized its latent potential and chose to struggle. And this struggle gave it purpose, reason, and meaning.

Automation robs us of the desire to exert effort. It makes the struggle seem wrong and repellent to us. Rather than having purpose and meaning, we are pacified and unsatisfied. This is the root of humanity’s current and elemental dis-ease.

Humans still generate tons of energy for living even though it is not being used for animating life. So all this energy becomes self-consuming, which is in fact self-depleting. The animated energy for struggle and progress sits inside us as septic tension arises, expressed as pain, anxiety, depression, obsession, and addiction.

We shouldn’t fight progress. Technology is incredible and good, but evolution requires adaptation, taking what was once natural and organic to human nature and changing it to make a conscious intentional choice. This is a law of adaptation that stabilizes dynamic tensions of change.

A quick case study: the evolution of food sheds great light on how technology became a huge liability. Food went from subsistence farming to mass production and at first, it was like a miracle: life got way easier, and hunger and malnutrition become almost extinct. However, 50 years after having access to excess, and as a result of removing struggle, we are now facing the greatest healthcare epidemic in human history with diseases like obesity and diabetes.

In short, while our lifestyles become more automated, people need to intentionally find ways to animate and revitalize their lives. There is no better place to start than with your body. The problem is people use their bodies on automation mode. People live in a body run on auto pilot because they don’t know any different.

Along with computer technology, we are also advancing human technology in the fields of biology, chemistry, and physiology. We are discovering abilities to influence the body in ways previously not thought possible. This comes down to a simple fact about the most populous tissue in your body- fascia.

It is possible to choose to contract your fascia- just like a muscle on command with a self-determined outcome. This is incredibly significant because your fascia influences all other body tissues and functions.

Fascia animation is what makes your body alive. From your tiniest cell to the organization of your whole organism – fascia animates you. Fascia animates life.

  • AUTOmation is redundant and boring, ANIMation is spontaneous and exciting
  • AUTOmation is bland and numbing, ANIMation is invigorating and inspiring
  • AUTOmation is dense and dumbing, ANIMation is light and effervescent
  • AUTOmation is static and septic, ANIMation is dynamic and vital
  • AUTOmation takes away drive and meaning, ANIMation gives purpose and hope

How automated is your body? How automated is your life?

What would your body and life look like animated?

I would love the opportunity to share the unique experience of fascia animation with you, so that you can enjoy the healing and vitality it creates in your body and your life.

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