The Grace Somatomorphic Technique (GST®),created by Anna Rahe, is a revolutionary new body technique and movement system that changes your body, once and for all.

Anna Rahe Explains…

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I didn’t wake up one day and say, “ Today I think I will create a comprehensive, scientific, life altering, body transformational movement system!” It is impossible to “create” a process on purpose. My personal process has become the philosophy of GST.

  • Motivation- It started with my own debilitating pain.
  • Exploration- I relentlessly searched and studied for answers.
  • Identification- I began to see and understand what was wrong.
  • Excavation- I actively dug through my body (life) testing this new information.
  • Assimilation- I diligently worked with my new-found knowledge inside my body.
  • Restoration- I spent years and years applying all I was learning to heal my body.
  • Transformation-The accumulation of this long,challenging but also beautiful process – both personal and total body healing and transformation.

My journey and the discovery of GST started with my body. But the accumulative results extended way beyond. Yes, GST is a revolutionary approach to body healing and transformation, but it is also unique.

GST was created from 100% personal experience, developed by empirical knowledge and is supported by documented scientific research. Simply said, I have already done what you need to do to heal your body, and I can teach you.

Today we want things the fast and easy way. We forget there is a process that requires motivation, initiation, and personal effort, in order to have anything of lasting value. If it took you 30+ years to get this much pain, why should it take you a “pill” or one treatment to get out of it?

Over a decade of results proved to me that in the evolution of life, GST is more about an infinite person-ality than it is about the finite body.

If you come to GST for answers for body pain and or aesthetic dissatisfaction, you will experience amazing changes you never thought possible. But I am also sure- even if it is not your intention, you will find immeasurable transformation in your whole being and life.

GST has been my journey. It is a journey- one I hope you are willing to take. In my opinion it is one you can’t afford not to. Join me…

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How It Works

GST® (Grace Somatomorphic Technique) is the first comprehensive exercise system that actually heals and transforms the body once and for all.

The combination of GST’s proprietary information and advanced body techniques revolutionizes the way people view, workout and heal the body.

GST has 3 main components:

Specialized body “actions” that radically change how you “do” exercise.

Unique exercise system that combines GST Somatiques™ with select forces and leverage to drastically transform both the body’s form and function.

Innovative science based approach to body rehabilitation and reeducation for permanent change and healing.


It’s not what you do but how you do it! Here is the secret recipe:

GST CALESCENICS™ (what you do)  + GST SOMATIQUES™ (how you do it) = Dramatic Dynamic Change


    • Anyone looking for the last resort to body rehabilitation from chronic pain and injury.
    • “Any-body” wanting dramatic and lasting body transformation- proportion, composition, size and tonality.
    • Athletes- recreational and professional (golfers, runners, dancers) to advance personal performance.



  •  Pain
  • Tightness
  • Stress
  • Injury and down time


  • Metabolism
  • Functionality
  • Strength
  • Energy
  • Power and Performance

BE: a long, strong and functional body.


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Programs & Classes

GST® Prescriptive Programs

GST® Body provides unique Prescriptive Programs to help you address any and all your personal body concerns and aspirations.

Somedic Program
The answer to body rehabilitation from chronic pain and injury.
Athletic Program
For recreational and professional athletes (golfers, runners, dancers) to advance personal performance.
Aesthetic Program
For “any-body” wanting dramatic and lasting body transformation- proportion, composition, size and tonality.
Pregnancy Program
The answer for a better post-baby body than your pre-baby body.
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Success Stories

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The Word on the Street…

“GST is fun, and more important, it’s the best training for golf I know of!”

“GST provided me unparalleled understanding and physical aptitude no other exercise training has.”

“Using GST, I have lifted my fallen arches, reshaped my unsightly bunions and no longer have back pain.”

“I’ve had chronic back problems for most of my adult life…Now, I feel like the “pre-pain” me. I no longer fear throwing my back out.”

“With GST, I realized that I could be more productive, faster, and safer (injury-wise) by understanding movement.”



GST Body LA Teachers

With over 14 years of teaching experience and extensive study of myriad somatic disciplines Anna Rahe is pioneering a new approach to body health and fitness with GST.  Passionate, capable, and just plain cool, Anna will take you to the next level and then way beyond.
Stefanie Bernhard’s eclectic background in movement and dance as well as her 7 year in depth study of GST and private apprenticeship with GST creator Anna Rahe, gives her a progressive unique approach to the body and healing.


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GST Athletic Program
2 month program
Performance Enhancement
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GST Aesthetic Program
3 month program
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