Hey – 

I miss connecting with you. I imagine your life is very full despite all the restrictions we have been living under for the past year and this often makes me feel disconnected. 

If you’re anything like me, you may be feeling a need for some motion in your life but can’t seem to get it out. The static, heavy energy that has collected from our day to day restrictions is showing up in our emotions, feeling depleted, uninspired and maybe even downright depressed.  I am right with you.  Nothing feels more oppressive and congestive than a lack of motion. Without motion, you can’t feel clear, light or free.

The benefits of motion on our health are well documented but do you know why moving your body makes you feel so much better?  The simple fascia answer is that movement is a metabolic process the body uses to detox the static tensions in our cells and tissues that bind up our bodies and minds.  Fascia is responsible for this metabolic process taking both mechanical (weight) tension and chemical (emotional) tension and gets rid of them through animating its fibers which produces our body motion. 

Even I find myself sinking into a more sedentary life as a result of covid. Sedentary life creates sedimentary conditions in your tissues which are toxic. Fascia works like a snow globe that when it sits for too long, the once light and dancing snowflakes collect heavy on the bottom. Fascia without dynamic animation becomes heavy and weighs not only our bodies but our hearts and minds down too.   

Just today I thought of how I need to find lift- something to bring me up and out of where we have been.  And so I set aside a mere 30 min to do focused GST for me, not teaching it to others, but receiving the gift of GST for myself like I did so many years ago. And it was literally magic- practical magic. Could it be you’re feeling the same need for a little practical magic?

If you haven’t tried GST this might be a good time to shake your globe. I can honestly say that there is nothing out there that feels like GST or provides what GST does. GST is a one of a kind body experience that is effervescent, illuminating, and that gifts a literal body high by creating inner space and lightness of being. This is because GST actively metabolizes stresses by animating, stirring, opening and eliminating chronic static tension from your cells and fascia tissues. 

I have heard GST compared to the Mari Kondo technique of home decluttering. WIth GST you clear out your body, removing and letting go of static septic tensions that you have collected from stress.  So perhaps you’re overwhelmed by pressures that weigh down on you?  Perhaps you want to reorganize your inner tensions, clear out sedimentary emotional muck that has gotten stuck inside? Or maybe you just want to feel lighter and more hopeful after all this restriction.

I encourage you to come experience GST and shake your globe to create the lift that can elevate your body mind and spirit.  Come join me and our other amazing GST teachers in our weekly GST classes. Sign up here: https://gstbody.as.me.

In light,

Anna Rahe