Tensegrity Suspension Wall System


The Tensegrity Suspension Wall System is the ultimate GST body care tool. Think of this as a jungle gym for adults where you can pull, hang, twist and swing to manipulate your fascia. Customizable and versatile, the wall unit comes with Tensegrity Gear that can clip onto the unit in different configurations. The unit is meant to serve as an extension of your own anatomy that lifts, carries, cushions and supports your body to protect it against heavy loading as you move and flow.

The Tensegrity Suspension System is great for all fascia types and can help with chronic pain, injuries, spinal degeneration as well as brain injuries and general cognitive health. You can use it for your workouts and body conditioning or for rehabilitation and preventative care. The wall unit is easily installed into your home and is minimally invasive. All Tensegrity Gear is removable for storage.

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Wall Suspension Unit

  • 3 Solid Maple plaques with suspension tracks
  • 1 GST Traction Bar (assembled with track fittings and stand-offs)
  • Track Swivel Hook Fittings 2 Sets (4 total)
  • Carabiner Clip for Gear Storage
  • Mounting Hardware

Tensegrity Suspension Gear

  • 1 Set of GST Suspension Springs
  • 1 Solid Maple Spring Bar
  • 2 Cotton Hand & Foot Loops
  • 1 Sheepskin “Fuzzy” sling
  • Set of four (4) Double End Clips (to attach gear to suspension springs and unit).
  • 1 Tensegrity Suspension Collection body care + equipment card


Technical Specs:

Materials: Wood, aluminum, steel, piano wire, military grade cotton canvas strapping, genuine leather

  • GST Suspension Springs: are specifically engineered to withstand dynamic range of motion, pull even weight throughout the coils, and have been stress-tested beyond 200,000 repetitions without signs of distress.
  • Wood Spring Bar: beautiful solid maple lightly finished with non-toxic sustainable beeswax.
  • Hand & Foot Loops: 1.5” military grade cotton webbing with “d” rings
  • GST Fuzzy: thick 26” long sheepskin sling on 2” wide nylon seat belt webbing
  • Double End Clips: (4 in a set) gear attachment
  • 1 Tensegrity Gear Canvas Drawstring Bag
  • 1 Tensegrity Collection Body Care + Equipment Card


Plaque is 38”L x 4”H x 1”D, Bar is 4’L

Added Notes: Minimal Assembly Required. We highly suggest hiring a professional to install the Tensegrity Suspension Wall Unit. The unit must be installed into load-bearing studs inside the wall. The equipment is designed to be installed on both 24” or 16” stud centers. GST Body and affiliates are not liable for bodily injury, death or property damage arising from installation, use or any negligence of owner.

*** GST movement sequences require big ranges of body motion. Therefore we recommend you install the unit in a location with a minimum of a 7’ radius.

Installation Guide Video
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