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For years people have begged us for the “recipe” for our Traction Bar so they can build one in their own homes.  So we’ve made it available as its own, independent tool that you can purchase separately from the full Tensegrity Suspension Wall System. Active traction off this bar feels so good we are sure you want one in your home too.

Although it looks like a ballet bar, do not mistake it for one.  At its most basic, the GST Traction Bar has been designed to tolerate full body weight hanging from and pulling on it. There is an entire series of GST Traction Exercises™ made exclusively for the Traction Bar. It easily clips in and out of the GST Suspension Wall Plaque for storage.

The GST Traction Bar is beneficial for all fascia types and conditions. It is highly effective for alleviating low back pain, and neck and shoulder restriction.

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  • 1 Solid Maple Suspension Plaque
  • 1 GST Traction Bar assembled with quick release clips to easily remove traction bar for storage.
  • 1 Tensegrity Suspension Collection Body Care + Equipment Card

Technical Specs:
Materials: solid maple, aluminum, steel, non-toxic rubber, plastic
Measurements:  Plaque is 38”L x 4”H x 1”D, Bar is 4’ long

Added Notes: Minimal assembly required. We highly suggest hiring a professional to install the Tensegrity Suspension Wall Unit. The unit must be installed into load-bearing studs inside the wall. The equipment is designed to be installed on both 24” or 16” stud centers. GST Body and affiliates are not liable for bodily injury, death or property damage arising from installation, use or any negligence of owner.

*** GST movement sequences require big ranges of body motion. Therefore we recommend you install the unit in a location with a minimum of a 7’ radius.

Installation Guide Video
How to Use the Features of Your Equipment

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Weight 24.0 lbs


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