Tensegrity Traction Straps


The first Tensegrity Traction Strap was a simple jump rope turned into fascia tool for a world traveler who wanted GST on the go. Since then, with multiple stages of design engineering, the TTS evolved into what it is today – an extremely light-weight, very durable and highly versatile tool for manipulating fascia. As one of the most versatile pieces, the TTS provides nearly infinite options for use anywhere. It can be used as a stand alone piece or as a part of the Tensegrity Suspension Wall System.  It is also included in our Basic Body Kit.

With GST Fascia Flow™ exercises, the TTS provide endless feel-good movement options for all fascia types and body conditions.

The Tensegrity Traction Straps can optimize fascia stretch/strength and overall athletic performance. They are beneficial for low back pain, spine degeneration, inflexibility, and head neck shoulder complications. As for Golf Conditioning? There is nothing out there like it.

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1 Tensegrity Suspension Strap (TTS)
2 GST S-biner Clips
1 Rubber Door Guard
1 Canvas Carry Clutch
1 Tensegrity Collection Body Care + Equipment Card

Technical Specs:
Materials: Military grade nylon and seatbelt webbing, Swivel Clips, GST S-biner Clips,
Measurements: 1.5”W x 75”L

Added Notes: Minimal Assembly Required.  We recommend a space of approximately 5 1/2 or 6 feet square to make sure you have enough space to move freely with your strap.  Make sure to review your Owners Manual to learn about the different ways you can set up your strap in your space.

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Weight 3.0 lbs


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