GST Traction Towel


The GST Traction Towel is no ordinary towel.  Despite its humble appearance, this tool provides incredible amounts of traction – an essential type of force that fascia needs to build support for your body. Its soft fabric gives the right amount of stretch resistance to strengthen fascia for free-flow fascia types and to increase flexibility for bound-flow fascia types. This towel is a critical tool for GST Oxyllation Breathwork™, Fascia Flow Exercises™ and GST Terra Work™. The Traction Towel is beneficial for people who have upper hemisphere head, neck, and shoulder pain as well as hamstring tightness. And when you’re done, go ahead and use it to catch the sweat from your flow experiences.

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1 GST Traction Towel
1 100% cotton canvas drawstring bag
1 Kinetix Collection body care + equipment card

Technical Specs:
Materials: 100% Cotton Terry Velour
Measurements: 12”W x 44”L

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Weight 1.0 lbs


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