GST Friction Sliders


Friction Sliders are one of the most diverse tools for body care and motion with unlimited options to stretch, strengthen and open your fascia and body.  These are beneficial for every fascia type and body type, especially those with excessive hip and shoulder restriction, low back pain. GST Friction sliders allow you to move through space with the correct tension and stretch in your fascia and muscles. When used with GST Traction Bar Exercises™ and GST Terra Work™, our Friction Sliders turn humdrum, position-based exercises into yummy, full-body flow experiences.

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1 Set of Friction Sliders
1 100% cotton canvas drawstring bag
1 Kinetix Collection body care + equipment card

Technical Specs:
Materials: plastic sliding surface with fabric-covered padding for cushioned support of bony landmarks like elbows, ankles, knees and head.
Measurements: 7” round.


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Weight 2.0 lbs


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