Face-scia Kit


We designed this kit to enhance the benefits of the GST Face-scia Clutch by adding a few elements from the Somatix and Continuum Collections. This unique kit conditions and lifts the upper body and face to strengthen and revitalize the whole structure (bones) and the surface of your skin.

In addition to helping with face asymmetry from strokes, palseys and general muscle tension, The GST Face-scia Kit is beneficial for helping with chronic headaches, TMJ, and neck tension.

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This unique kit is curated to address the entire upper hemisphere suspensory fascia structures into your face that contribute to the radiant vital beautify from the structure to the surface of your skin.  It’s designed to seamlessly flow into your total body care bringing tensymmetry – the symmetry of tensions which is the definition of beauty.  This kit includes:  

  • Face-scia Clutch 
  • GST Mini Bar: 09lbs
  • GST Ne-Xus Compression Tool
  • GST Fri-X-ion Towel

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Weight 20.0 lbs


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