Face-scia Clutch


Vital beauty is truly more than skin deep. It begins inside the structure of your chest, shoulders, neck and eventually cranium (skull). Many of the things we don’t like about our aging faces relate to the asymmetry of their structures, the lack of tone in the face’s fascia tissues, and even poor physical posture and the general pull of gravity.  These many factors wreak havoc on delicate tissues that suspend and support our skin. The GST Face-scia Clutch is a unique assortment of curated tools that specifically set structures and animate and tone the smaller, delicate tissues that influence our looks. The Clutch is also beneficial for rehabilitating facial paralysis from injury, strokes and pregnancy.

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A small bag that boast unique tools for restoring animation in the delicate fascia of the face. This can be used for beauty and also for bell’s palsy and other types of paralysis from strokes.  This clutch comes with

  • Neck Suspension Press
  • Cork Decompressor
  • Nose contouring clip
  • Orbital Resistance Band
  • Face Dry Brush
  • Illustration & Get Started Guide

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Weight 2.0 lbs


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