Our Pillars

  • Tensegrity

    The integrity of an architectural structure that is founded on dynamic tension between its parts.

    We graciously work with life’s inherent tensions to transform and heal ourselves. We do this through conscious, mindful manipulation of fascia so our stress doesn’t collect and congest us, but rather becomes fuel to propel fluid motion into our bodies and our lives. The essence of soul work and personal growth is in becoming people who work to build integrity between the dynamic tensions in the self and life around us.

  • Tensymmetry

    The balance of active, dynamic tensions to create symmetry. 

    We understand that symmetry is not about perfection nor is it a static axis of uniformity, but rather an active pursuit of balancing tensions in ourselves. We move our bodies to metabolize physical tension and traumas through motion. This leads us past erratic reactions and negative behaviors into strengthened, symmetrical integrity and mastery of self. We achieve balance through tensymmetry, becoming more and more connected to ourselves and others.

  • Truth

    The balance of active, dynamic tensions to create symmetry. 

    We believe truth is a verb and it’s through our experiences that we find it. Truth is our litmus test for what is good. If something expands us, if it gives us space, if it sets us free, then we know there’s truth in it. With more truthful experiences, our openness increases for more and more light to illuminate our lives.

  • Trust

    Reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, of a person or thing. Hope.

    We always hold, carry and build trust with our bodies, ourselves and a bigger, benevolent source. We recognize that by not contracting and resisting life’s forces and stresses, but by letting go and leaning into tension, it’s possible to allow challenges to mature us into beings of greater and greater vitality and purpose.

A Fluid Foundation

Our entire body – our cells, our fascia, our brains, our everything – is more fluid than anything else, but we forget this all the time. We sit and stagnate and then wonder why we feel so crunchy and calcified.

Movement by nature is fluid, and we’re not moving as we’re meant to.

We’ve cut off the flow and created ripe internal territory for degeneration and disease.

This is why the foundation of everything in GST Body is fluid, fluid, fluid.

It’s the nature of our irrigation, our electricity, our lifeblood, our vitality – the nature of life itself.

The thing is, most fascia care focuses on its 30% of fiber instead of its 70% of water to treat pain through a solid model of biomechanics. It ignores fascia’s fluidity. Since fluid problems need fluid mechanics, GST Body addresses fascia through the fluid dynamics it thirsts for. 

In other words, we heal and fuel with movement, feel alive and vital by movement, and become our truest selves through beautiful, joyful, liberated movement.

Keep it in Flux

There’s movement,

then there’s micro-movement,

and then there’s fascia flux.

Fascia flux refers to select and specific micromovements of fascia tissues that organize into literal currents that work with electro-hydraulic impulses to distribute energy through your Connective Tissue System (CTS). This might not seem like anything special until you understand that you are able to make these micromovements consciously and on demand, much like you contract a muscle. This means you can control your CTS, and since it is everywhere in your body, this control gives you access to and possible influence over autonomic functions like digestion and lymphatics.

This is a game changer.

Not only is healing anything from typical wear and tear to more complex autoimmune issues in your hands, but you have everything you need to heal right now. You can act, not just through diet and exercise, but more directly through conscious control of the fascia flux.

Fascia Flux™ is one of seven GST Fluid Dynamic Technologies™ alongside Spinocoretilation™, Musculoanimorphics™, Osteotectonics™, Oxyllation™, Dermatraction™, and Neura-Contouring™ that are built on the primary systems providing direct access to manipulating and influencing fascia. This proprietary technology is infused in everything we do.