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Heal chronic conditions, pains, & injuries.

Movement Medicine

Optimize your body for aesthetics athletics, & ultra-performance.

Conscious Conditioning

Age gracefully & pain free. 

Althea Aging

    Did you know that your lungs act as your body’s own humidifier, providing hydration to most of your body’s tissues and systems?

    Try out these six videos to discover different types of breathing and maximize the benefits for your body

    BREATH WORK $6.00


    Learn is a series of videos designed to teach you about your body & how to care for it.

    Here you will learn different techniques, movements & exercises that we perform at GST that will keep your body healthy and mobile

    Try it out!



    In this collection of videos you will learn how to do manual therapy using various tools like foam rollers, GST Body Bars, GST Roll-X & many more!

    These massage techniques help open up tissues & support the movement portion of our other videos and programs


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